Raggeds Wilderness, Sep 23 2012

After an interesting night of bagpipe-monkey-fire near Marble, Nate and I went on a recon mission in the aspen on the north side of the Raggeds Wilderness.

We were a little slow in the morning, but found the aspens:

Our “trail” came to a deadend below a large old avalanche slide path that was choked with deadfall and baby aspen:

We wandered into the unknown and pretty quickly dropped anchor:

The colors were amazing:

We spotted some Fairy Trumpets blooming right next to a game trail.  I was not expecting blooming flowers at this time of year:

We eventually turned around just as the terrain was getting more navigable.  It was time for beer and food in CB:

I like the patterns on turning aspen leaves:

We ended up crossing Chair Creek:

And found more color:

And amazing vistas of the Crystal River valley:

The reds were striking:

As were the yellows and golds:

Back to the trail, one last look up:

A nice hillside above the Crystal River.  This image is enhanced (it is the only one of the set):

We somehow made it back to car and loaded up for the driver over Kebler Pass to visit the parents.  Heading down the south side of McClure Pass we got a good view of Chair Mountain’s west ridges:

Stunning color on Kebler Pass:

Roadside attractions:

This must be one of the best spots in the state for aspen colors in the fall. I’ll be back again..




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